Winter is Coming .. better get out the blankets

First of all I am super excited about the new Game of Thrones season coming in July!  But I am not as excited about actual winter coming this week. 

In New Zealand winter officially starts on the 1st June, but many places in the country has already had a bit of snow and few cold snaps.  In Auckland we don't get snow but we still complain about the cold which leads the rest of the country to the south, to call us "soft" and make fun of us, as in this article from our national newpapers website:
NZ Herald atricle
//From NZ Herald
When I was in Scotland last year I really wanted to get a wool blanket in the Dress Stewart tartan.  I had seen this picture (below) when I was looking for inspiration for decorating the bedroom and I just love it.

Image of bed with tartan blanket

So I set out scouring the streets of Edinburgh.  I had expected the high end shops like Romanes and Paterson or Hector Russell would have what I was looking for, but alas they had any blanket I could have wanted except Dress Stewart.  I started to feel like I wasn't going to get what I wanted, so when I found a blue version in the Edinburgh Woolen Mill shop I decided to get it.  Later, while trawling through all the tartan and Scottish shops on the Royal Mile, I came across the tartan blanket I wanted, but it was in a super soft lambswool and not the slightly rougher texture I was looking for.  I bought it anyway.

It wasn't until I was at the airport ready to head back to New Zealand that I finally found the blanket I was looking for!  So yes, I now have 3 tartan blankets!  That should keep me toasty warm this winter!

Images of my 3 blankets
//My 3 blankets
Do you have a favourite blanket or comfort item?  Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Well I am of the opinion that you can not have too many blankets! It's always good to have ample blankets around - especially where we live because it gets soooo cold here (well below 0C). And when you have people over, it's nice to have some blankets stacked up so people see them and will feel comfortable asking for one if they are cold! (although the tartans you bought might be 'too nice' for that purpose but with all the tartans you likely have other extra blankets now!)

    My favorite blanket is an electric lap blanket that my MIL gave me for Christmas 2 years ago. My husband likes to keep our house a chilly 63F which is 17C. That's so cold to me, so I usually need to wear layers and use a blanket. I do turn up the heat when I get home from work until we go to bed, but even turning it up to 68F (20C) is still too cold for me (I'm a wimp).

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