March: Meals, Miles, Books and Looks

I've really felt the change of season this month.  It's become noticeably cooler in the evenings and the clocks go back an hour this coming Sunday.  Motivation has waxed and waned and some days I'm running racing and eating sensibly while on others I barely leave the sofa and eat too many creme eggs.  The hot chocolate cravings and desire to hibernate are there already but it's far too early for all that!


I finally bought the Le Creuset mini cocottes that I've been coveting for years and made and served lots of food in them this month.

I had my first attempt at making toad in the hole but as I was in the process of making it, I realised that I used the eggs that I thought I had so I used the egg replacer I had in the cupboard.  It was edible, but perhaps a bit drier than it would have been otherwise.

1) boiled egg & soldiers, 2) carrots & mixed peas and corn
3) toad in the hole, 4) macaroni cheese & broccoli

I upgraded my spice rack with some garam masala and cumin to make a kumara and chickpea curry as my last attempt using generic curry powder was too bland.  I'm pleased to say that the new spices really bolstered the flavour.

And as I mentioned in my Pi day post, I did make chowder out of the left over vegetables.  I blended half of the vegetable mix and added shrimps and some salt and pepper.  It made a really tasty, hearty soup that I'll definitely make again.

1) chickpea and kumara curry, 2) baked potato & shrimps,
3) mojito lime marinaded tuna and vegetables, 4) shrimp chowder 

Miles: 29.4km

A painfully low amount of kilometres this month.  I ran 2 races this month, which I did well in but other than that it's been a difficult month for motivation.  I've also done 4 strength sessions and 1 single yoga class.  Oh dear :(


I read 3 books this month to keep me on target to read 24 books by the end of the year.

Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn, was an amusing read.  I heard about this book over on Lisa's blog and it lived up to expectation.

A Deadly Yarn by Maggie Sefton is the third book in this series that's become a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine.  Books that include recipes and knitting patterns? Sign me up!

All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka is a short read that the film Edge of Tomorrow is based on.  I enjoyed the movie and I really liked this book.  It's a bit different from the movie so it didn't ruin it for me having seen the movie first.


I finally got my jeans hemmed and I bought some new shoes and red pants that I've not worn yet but hopefully that means I'll have some new looks for next month.  This month however I've only got my silly outfit I wore for a St Patrick's day dinner and a head band that I knitted.
//St Patricks Dinner

//Knitted Headband
I love this pattern and its available for free on Ravelry.  I'm not the fastest knitter but it took less than 2 hours to have a finished wearable product.

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  1. That headband is so cute! I should make one for myself next fall! I just finished my shawl project so will take a break from knitting until it gets cool again (I'm totally a seasonal knitter!).

    I'm glad you liked Ella Minnow Pea! I get nervous when people read something that I recommended/like because I feel bad if they end up not liking it! That book was so quirky and fun, though. I'm super impressed with the author's vocabulary!!

    You had asked if I could use frozen fruit/veggies for Whole30 and the answer is that I could. But I don't shop anywhere that really sells bulk things at a good price so I don't think I would save much unfortunately. If I had a Costco membership, I would probably use some frozen veggies as I have heard that they are inexpensive there.

  2. San says:

    Oh, look at that knitted headband! Nice work!

    Also, looks like you had a lot of tasty meals! :)

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