Pi Day

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Happy Pi day math fans!  Whilst I do like maths, I love pies more and I'm happy to have any excuse to make pies.

I love both savoury and sweet pies.  Back in Scotland they do macaroni cheese pies and rhubarb pies both are in pastry shells made of hot water pastry and they are so good.  You don't get those here so if I want them I'll have to try and make my own hot water pastry and I'm just not that brave yet.

Frozen pastry is what I tend to use in my pie making and I normally use puff pastry but sometimes I use short pastry.

For dinner I made a simple vegetable pie.  My aunt used to make vegetable hand pies that were the best and I've been trying to recreate them but I've still not got it quite right.  Since I've been really in to using my pressure cooker lately, I was able to cook the pie filling quickly, actually it took longer to peel and chop than in did to cook!  I diced up potatoes, onions, carrots and sautéed them in some butter then added frozen peas and corn and a chicken flavour stock cube in boiling water.  I lined a pie tin with thawed puff pastry, added the filling and sealed some pastry on top.  I gave it an egg wash and popped it in the oven.

Next time I'll need to remember to spray or grease the pie tin though because it was a little tricky trying to get it out!

Vegetable Pie
For dessert I made a blueberry pie using most of a bag of frozen blueberries heated in a pot with a cup of caster sugar and then added this filling to some more of thawed pastry sheets.  We served this with lemon ice cream and it was too delicious to stop and take a photo, oops!

I have some vegetable pie filling left over which I'm thinking about making into a chowder, not sure if that'll work but I feel like experimenting :)

Do you have a preference of savoury or sweet pies? 

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  1. Happy belated pi day! I was a math major so my mom sent me a happy pi day text yesterday morning. Normally I would celebrate by having some macarons since they are round but I'm doing whole 30 so couldn't have any :(

    Yum, both pies you made sounds delicious! I have never made a pie but my mom is a pro at them and she makes her own crusts! She says the secret is to add a little bit of vodka as it makes the crust more flaky. I think if I wasn't gluten intolerant, I'd try making a pie with frozen pie dough as making it from scratch is too complex for me! I have made pies with graham cracker crusts, though, and they turn out pretty good!

    I haven't had many savoury pies besides the chicken pot pie we had growing up so I have to say i prefer sweet. I loved my mom's apple pie so when i was growing up so it kills me to not make it now. There are GF pie crusts that you can buy so I should try making my own when apples are more in season next year.

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