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My singing background is probably quite ordinary.  In primary school we had harvest festivals and Christmas concerts and then when I was about 10 our school was part of a big Christmas concert at the town hall.  I also remember singing with the girl guides in retirement homes around the holidays.  In high school I took part in Calamity Jane when I was 13 and then South Pacific when I was 14.  I had exams to worry about after that so didn't take part in anymore and then that was pretty much the end of group singing until earlier this year when I joined a new community choir that started.

I've really been enjoying singing with the community choir and through that an opportunity came up to join an a cappella choir so I thought I'd give it a go and last night was the first meeting.  I've never done a cappella singing before and until joining the community choir earlier this year I hadn't sung harmonies before.

We sang a lovely Maori song called Te Aroha which only has 4 lines.  I've linked to a youtube video of the basic song (not sung by my choir).

We sang these lyrics three times, the first time all together, the second time as a round with the last line split into the main melody and two harmonies and then the third time all the lines where sung as a main melody and two harmonies.  It sounded fantastic!  I can't believe that only one hour after meeting people for the first time we were singing so harmoniously together!

My Sunday community choir has now merged with a Monday community choir which means I'll be singing on Mondays and Tuesdays now!

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  1. You are so great about being active in the community with things like this! And I bet it is fun too! I would like to join my church choir but I think I need to wait until run club season is over as I can only handle having to be somewhere at a certain time to an extent!

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