Scrubbing away the stress

Early last week, as I was already running late, I was trying to find clean work pants only to find that all of them and all of my run kit were in the wash!  Thankfully I had a clean skirt but I had to make do with a yoga outfit to take to the gym with me and I rushed out of the house eating my toast.

Later, when I got to the gym, I realised that my phone holder was also in the wash and my earphones hadn't been plugged into the charger properly and were dead.  Oh well, I pushed on with the run anyway, only to find out that these yoga pants don't like to stay up when running and I spent the whole time pulling at them! 

All this stress just because I didn't have time to do the laundry at the weekend!

Laundry hamper bursting at the seams, a dirty dishes in the kitchen, overgrown garden threatening to take over, a desk I haven't seen the top of for quite some time, and ancient wall paper begging to be removed.  I've lost my groove and I want it back!

By strange coincidence, I've just started listening to Starr Struck Blog podcast and the first episode is about how to maximise your morning routine, then I refound the website which is about house cleaning and organisation and includes morning and before bed routines as part of its system.  I think the universe is telling me I need a morning routine makeover!  So I was in the process of making a new morning routine by adding some tasks into my to do list, but still feeling like this is impossible because I have to leave the house so early, when up pops a new blog post by Amber about morning routines and there in the comments are people who are up and at them way earlier than me!  Ok, no more excuses.

Yes I wish it was like one of those TV shows where a team of experts come to your house and renovate, redecorate, landscape your garden and then give you a free car but that's really unlikely to happen!

//Image from Hyperbole and a Half

Over the weekend I resisted my instinct to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS as I knew that would lead to burn out but as it turned out it only took an hour to get all the main areas of my house clean and tidy.  Laundry got done and put away, cupboards are full of groceries and my kitchen sink is shining!  And I feel so much more in control again!  My garden is still a wild thing to be tamed, but that can wait a bit longer until the weather becomes more conducive to what's going to be an epic endeavour!

So in order to keep from feeling overwhelmed, I'm adding in some small tasks to my morning and evening routines and it's working.  It's only been a couple of days so far so lets see if I can keep this up for the rest of the week!

How do you fit in tidying and cleaning?  Have you mastered clean as you go or do you set aside a day of the week or do you do something else?

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  1. Amber says:

    I honestly feel so so so much better when my house is clean and tidy so I do try to spend about 10-15 minutes each morning and night tidying up. I never want to on the weekends but I know if I put in the time and effort to clean, do laundry and meal prep my entire week will go so much more smoothly so I always try to do that!

  2. First off, I hope you enjoy Starr Struck Radio! I started listening to that show this spring and fell in love with that couple! I pretty much binge listened to most of their episodes in the span of a week or so!

    I try to clean a little bit every day, otherwise the clutter and mess can get out of control very quickly! I am have a cleaning service that comes every 2 weeks. I feel pretty spoiled saying that but it's worth the expense for me and I cut back in other ways to make room for that in my budget. They will come today and it's the best feeling to come home to a spotless house! I always try to REALLY tidy up before they come so that they don't have to move a lot of stuff when they clean, so knowing they are coming helps me stay on top of the clutter!

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