Woohoo I made it to Friday!

The high of my week was - it's a tie between a really great yoga class on Monday or my second 20 minute non-stop run on Tuesday.

The low of my week was not being very organised with lunches and having to buy lunch everyday.

Its hard to believe that avocado futomaki and seaweed futomaki with wasabi could ever be a low!
A book I'm reading is going to be one of the 3 books I just checked out from the library - probably Mort(e) about a sentient warrior housecat in the battle between humans and ants.

For my workouts, I completed 1 trail race, 1 treadmill run and 1 yoga class.

The best money I spent was on a birthday gift for my sister *Happy Birthday Elizabeth*

My plans this weekend include ice skating, watching ice hockey, helping take out a kitchen from the senior citizens hall, yoga, a run and hopefully season 3 of Friday Night Lights.

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