Ballet Class

I have now had 2 ballet classes and I’m really enjoying them.  It is deceptively hard work though.  The movements we do are quite small, but deliberate and we repeat sequences a few times.  We get to shake out our legs and arms before moving on to the next section and it’s surprising how much tension has built up.  At first I thought it was just me because I’m quite out of shape but I looked around the room and all of us were reaching for our water bottles and towels to pat down our sweaty faces!

Today we did a short sequence from Coppélia which the RBNZ will perform in Auckland in May.  It was quite a lively piece and fun to try even if I did fall over my own feet a few times!

We had quite a few more women in the class this week and one man.  My class buddy who also goes to one of the evening classes says there are quite a few men at the evening classes.  This really pleases me and helps counteract some of the gender policing nonsense I hear.

My goal is to have a go at dancing en pointe and from what I have read, it will take at least a year of practice before I’m ready for that, maybe even much longer but it looks so beautiful I will give it my best shot.