Sunday Morning Pancakes

I love pancakes and I look forward to Sunday morning pancakes all week!

This is a relatively new tradition for us and I can't believe we didn't think of weekly pancakes before now, and its also relatively inexpensive at under $2 per batch of pancakes (if you leave out the blueberries and switch maple syrup for jam).

I use a slightly modified version of this recipe: Blueberry Pancakes on Parsley Soup

I leave out the soya flour and sometimes the vanilla essence if the soy milk I'm using is a bit sweeter.  Blueberries are for special occasions and if I have maple syrup then I use it otherwise I spread a little jam on the hot pancake.

Last Sunday we decided to try out a new thing - putting the batter into a clean squeezy bottle.  This worked out really well as there was more control of the batter so the pancakes were a better size and shape.  It would be possible to keep the pancake mix in the bottle in the fridge for quick pancakes on the go, but as usual we made the whole batch!