Christmas Shopping and other fun things


I finally made a start to my Christmas shopping this weekend. I was on the 9:40 train to Glasgow for my 6 monthly trip to the opticians on Saturday and shopped for the whole day. I caught some Zzz's on the train ride home and then it was time to get ready for a night out with my nephew and his fiancée.

We went to Chiquito's in Dunfermline for some tasty Mexican/Texan/Cajun food. We ate a lot! You get fairly big portions there. Then after some good food, drink and conversation we headed out into the freezing cold night to play crazy golf. Yep, we must be crazy!

Adventure Gold Island is right next door to the restaurant and has two 18-hole mini golf courses. I can't remember which of the courses we played, but I think it might have been treasure island.

Most professional shot


A perfect hole in one!

Flukiest shot


battered off every wall before going into a the most obscured hole and getting a hole in one!

Best use of geometry


His ball always ended up behind a rock or someone else's ball but math helped him!

Too many shots had to give up

Rachael and Me

This was a draw because we both had to give up on a hole.

Most shots up the same hill


It was a close one between Billy and Rachael, but I think Rachael takes it.

Getting in the water hazard



Highest shot


battered off some rocks and it went right up into the air before coming straight back down again. Rachael is a nutter with a putter!

Best bum wiggle shot


Was a close call, but Billy managed to pot his after the bum wiggle so he wins.

Most under par


Somehow he managed to win it overall :)

Set off sirens


For the hole in one at the end. Yay!

Yes, I set of the sirens because I managed to make the coveted hole in one shot at the 18th hole and won a free game the next time I go. You know how I did it? I was thinking, if a tree falls in the woods when no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?

The next day was a much calmer day but we still had more Christmas shopping to do. We went into Stirling and managed to buy more presents. I was disappointed that McAree's was closed, but they are running workshops where you can crochet a snowflake and a star (21st Nov) and knit a mini stocking (12th Dec) which I'm thinking about attending. I think they cost £5 and that might sort out 2 Christmas presents too :)

Hope people like what we've picked for them :)

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