Wedding Season is Now Over


Since June, I've been to a wedding in each month. I'm beginning to feel like a professional wedding guest and my closet is full of wedding attire.

Things I have learned:

  • Always wear nice undies; because I will inevitably tuck my dress into my knickers.
  • A kilt works on every man. Day or evening guest, it never looks out of place.
  • The photographs take ages; so have food before leaving the house (or put a sandwich in a bag).
  • Print out the directions and a map to the venue so if there are road works another route can be found.
  • I probably could have made it as a professional dancer.
  • My husband is rubbish at remembering to take photographs!

Some of the highlights were:

  • Getting to know my cousin Lesley and catching up with relatives.
  • The groom's epic speech and musical showmanship.
  • Meeting a whole bunch of new people.
  • Seeing an old friend truly happy and in his element.

Not so long ago it was mostly funerals, but perhaps soon it will be baby naming ceremonies? Hmm, do I need different dresses for that? ;)

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