A Very Busy Weekend


I love doing things on a Friday night because it always makes the weekend feel longer don't you think? This Friday I went to visit friends of mine who have recently returned from Australia and are currently living in a caravan in Linwater, although they move into their new house today.

Friday night was a lovely night for sitting out in the countryside in the last bit of warmth from the sun. It was a very chilled out an relaxed night and it was great to chat and catch up.

On Saturday I played Haze most of the morning, was disappointed that there isn't any trophies in Haze. There doesn't seem to be any trophies for playing multiplayer capture the flag in Unreal Tournament 3 either.

Capture the Flag in Unreal Tournament is my most favourite multiplayer game. I used to play this years ago with the rest of the Systems team at Realise when we would take on the Programmers in the next office. I used to be fairly good. My husband can sometimes have difficulties with motion sickness when playing first or third person games. Recently he had to take a break from playing Mirrors Edge and has had to do the same with Tomb Raider. So I suppose I thought I'd be able to kick his ass at this game – WRONG! I totally got my ass handed to me over and over. My new plan is to practise secretly and then get him to play Mirrors Edge or something for a while before I challenge him again!

Also on Saturday I carried on with my knitting and I'm now at the arm hole shaping. It was a bit tricky since the pattern says to bind off at each end, but as I discovered, you can't cast off at the end of a row without cutting your yarn, you need to cast off at the start of the next row. So I've made a slight error with it because of the pattern, but hopefully all will come right in the making up.

Whilst knitting I also finished season 4 of Greys Anatomy, which was very good and I'm looking forward to season 5. This also means I can finish playing the Greys Anatomy NDS game that I have. I started it but got worried it was giving away too much of season 4 before I had watched it, but now I can play – yay :)

Saturday night was party night. It was Kane's boss's birthday party at his house and it was a gorgeous house. I really hope I didn't drive over the roses attempting to get out the drive way!

I managed to resist the urge to play games on Sunday and actually started packing. After all it's only a week before I move out of my flat. So I packed up the bedroom. I left a weeks worth of clothes and stuffed everything else into big black bin bags. I also packaged up my DVD and CD collection. When I got to my parents house, I discovered that they are not yet prepared and thought they had a further week. My stress levels are close to through the roof! So I spent the rest of Sunday sorting out the rooms there. My Mum is going to contact a company to come and take away the remaining furniture that has been cluttering those rooms for some years.

The rest of this week will be spent packing. Maybe I will video from the thick of it.

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