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It's been a fairly good week since I last posted. Last Saturday I hung out with my sister Jacqueline, we ate cake and chatted, it was really nice. I made the ginger cake again, this time in a loaf tin instead of a cake tin. It was deliciously moist, however I'll know for next time to use grease proof paper to line the tin since it was totally stuck to bottom and sides!

I attended a psychic development class this week, which was interesting. We were working in pairs and had to think of 3 colours that applied to other person and then try to tell them a bit about themselves from those 3 colours. I'm assured that I'll get better with practise!!

My drum lesson this week went well. I'm learning Minority by Green Day. For those who remember record players and what would happen if you put a 45 on the 33 setting – that's sort of how my version goes at the moment! Again, I'm assured I'll get better with practise!

Friday, I was out with friends and colleagues for a leaving do and Saturday was date night with my DH where we went to the cinema to see How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. The movie was really funny and much better than we had both expected.

I also finally finished knitting my Kitschy Kerchief. So now I can successfully increase stitches.

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I've also ordered tickets for the New Zealand v Scotland autumn test – Let's go Kiwis Let's Go!

The star of the weekend has to be my new boots though. An inspired find! I went into Office to buy a pair of black converse boots, and there they were, at the window, a single golden ray shone down upon them as a heavenly choir sang something ethereal. They are vegan calf length biker boots by Sugar and they're all mine! Y

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