The Second Run

Buoyed by success of running for 40 seconds I thought I would tackle the 60 second running of the couch to 5k program week 1 day 1.  I was surprised that the running portion was actually ok(ish)!  I didn't feel like I was dying or struggling to breathe so that is a form of success, yippee!  The walking portion was a little shorter that what I had done before so I really felt that I could have used a little longer.  Overall though, I was happy to have managed it and felt slightly challenged but achievable. 

I'm determined not to get injured so the plan for the next run is to do the same one again and see if it still feels ok.  I'm running on the treadmill at the gym because, despite it being hot in there, it's much cooler that the heat and humidity outside even at night and I appreciate the cushioned surface of the treadmill while I'm carrying so much excess weight.  It's also easier to monitor and adjust my run/walk speed and time to keep me honest haha!

I'm really happy and excited to be running again and I'm hopeful that I can keep this feeling going at least until I make it habit and not give up in week 3 like in the past!

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  1. That's great that your second run went so well! I hope it continues! I bet it feels good to be back at it. Hard, of course, but good!

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