Race Recap: Albany Lakes Series Race 3 Grand Finale


This was the final race in the series and my second go at the 10k.  For the grand finale, the course would normally change so that we could run through the QBE stadium and the mall but due to weather forecasts predicting a storm and the heavy rain the day before, this was changed to the regular course.  I'm glad that on race morning everything was nice and dry and we did not have any rain at all.  The grassy areas around were still wet in patches but by the time prize giving came around at 10.30 am this had dried up too and we were able to sit and relax on the grass.

Official Stats:

Distance: 10 km
Time: 1:10:41
Pace: 07:04 min/km


I had a dinner event on the Friday and drank way waaaay too much champagne and spent most of Saturday morning and early afternoon feeling sorry for myself.  Later in the afternoon I was ready to start hydrating and I also managed to eat some instant noodles and then later a rather delicious pasta bake.

We were running very late in the morning so didn't have time for breakfast but I wanted to try a mix of fruit juice and water instead of plain water so see if that would help in the second part of the race.

On The Course

0 - 5 km

We made it to the start area as the gun went off and we hurriedly tried to pin our race numbers on ourselves and make our way past all the waiting walkers who start 3 minutes later.  I was almost at the start line as the gun went off for the walkers and I gently ran through them trying to find a little space for myself.  I still had a lot of adrenaline from rushing around being late and started off perhaps a little too fast but I settled into a good pace by 2.5k and maintained that pace for the rest of the race.
// Anthea, Me, Kelly, Kane: Post race with our medals

5 - 10 km

There were far fewer people around in the second half of the race and I was trucking along at a really steady pace.  I had started to struggle at this point in race 2 but I was feeling really good this time around.  The last 2.5k is steadily up an incline and at no point did I feel the need the walk, in fact, I started overtaking several people who were walking.  I'm not sure if it was due to my fruit juice and water mix or the week of training inbetween or even the hangover effects but I was feeling good and it was a marked difference from the race before.  I'll keep training and I'll try the fruit juice and water mix again but I'm less keen to try the hangover again!!

Post Race

I was really proud of myself for running the whole distance and not suffering like last time and I was really happy to have shaved 39 seconds off my time.  Part of me is disappointed though because I was feeling so good and ran such a steady race that maybe I should have pushed a little harder in places and I would have got an even better time.  Ultimately I think it all comes down to race experience; I'm building a list of what works and what doesn't, but I'm also learning about how things feel, when to push and when to conserve.

The prize giving was quite extensive with winners in all race categories receiving an award and also people who have taken part in 5 series receiving a race legend award and of course there were the spot prizes of mall vouchers, restaurant vouchers, running shoes, a BBQ and a big TV.

// My finishers medal

What's Next

I've really enjoyed this series and I'm hoping to do it again next year.  As for my next race, I think I'm going to enter the Round the Bays 8.4km this weekend.  I'm becoming a race junkie!

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  1. I think you are doing great! Maybe eating more before the race would have helped? I don't do great running on an empty stomach as my energy is lower but everyone is so different so maybe you do ok without eating before? Congrats on having another race behind you!

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