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And just like that it's mid-January.  Goals and resolutions are still at the forefront of my mind, so my thoughts have tended to be in distance planning mode; there's quite a lot that I want to get accomplished this year.  Most of my friends only started back work this week, whilst lots of other people have gone or are still on their summer holidays.  January feels like a settling in/preparatory period after the new year gearing up to all systems go come February when the schools and universities go back and traffic chaos resumes.  Here's where I'm at currently:

Reading: Yay I finally finished Death of a Christmas Caterer and now I'm on The Method by Juli Zeh for a book club meet up I'm attending in February.

//Image from Goodreads

Watching: I've watched a couple of movies recently, one was Hot Pursuit which was silly and the other was Ant Man which was good fun.

Feeling: A little bit stressed out, it's been a weird week and my schedule's been all over the place so I'm really looking forward to a relaxing weekend! 

Thinking: That instead of buying a new hand bag I could just reduce the amount of stuff I carry around and switch to one I already own.

Anticipating: My first race of the year next week.  It's a 5k and some friends are doing it too so it's going to be fun.


Listening to: Spotify acoustic playlists.  I've been working out of my home office and it's nice to have some soft background music playing.

Planning: All The Races!  I need to rein myself in!  I've only purchased entry into a few so far and I have the trail series and two others in mind and I need to leave it at that.  I'm also looking at my training plan to see what I need to do there.

Working: On my goals for the year.  I'm just finishing up the decorating of the office, progress has been made in the garden and I've increased the distance on some of runs.  I'm considering adding in another run day.

Wanting: To try out more slow cooker recipes.  I really enjoyed the Mushroom Stroganoff recipe from Amuse Your Bouche, (even if I did use Philadelphia cream cheese instead of sour cream) and I loved how easy it is to set cooking and then go do other things.  I need to hit up the library for a recipe book like this one:

//Image from Amazon
Needing: A new wallet and a separate card wallet - it's ridiculous the amount of loyalty cards I have and tote around with me all the time.  I need a wallet for the basics and my current one with all the cards removed is all bent of out shape now.

Loving: My new sideboard - haha I'm like a real grown up :)  The old IKEA one is now in my office and the new one fits so well.

Grateful:  For bloggers. I'm still catching up on some blogs but I learn new things all the time.  This week I got a great list of self care things to try, a salad dressing recipe I want to make and I learned about the One Little Word project.

Wishing:  That summer wasn't rushing by so quickly, I haven't done any summery things yet but we have 2 public holidays on the first 2 Mondays of February and I plan to make the most of them :)

How's your January going?

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  1. Amber says:

    Meh, January is always such a blah month for me and it always feels like it just DRAGS BY! So my January is going ok, not amazing, but ok :)

    I am also grateful for blogging and bloggers even though I am really bad at staying on top of reading blogs these days.

  2. San says:

    Thank goodness, you're not the only person I know in the Southern hemisphere, but still it always throws me off when people talk about summer in January! ;)

    So excited for all the races that you have planned. Now that I have my first race under my belt, I feel like I want to sign up for a few as well... we'll see what this year has in store for me (running-wise).

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