Champagne Problems

There is some uncertainty in my professional life right now which I think makes other problems feel bigger than they are, so when I caught myself getting genuinely frustrated and worked up trying to get a piece of technology work and then feeling so annoyed when it wouldn't work and I had to try something else, I just had to stop and laugh at myself.

So this post is me poking fun at myself and to remind myself to lighten up.

This Weeks Champagne Problems:

1. I couldn't get the NHL game centre app to work on my PS3 so I had to chromecast it from it my iPhone.

\\ Image from Google Search

2. I couldn't go grocery shopping at the weekend because I went away for vacation and now I have to buy take out lunches.

\\ Image from St Pierre's

3. Pinterest is full of tasty autumn recipes and cute autumn fashions, but its spring where I live and too hot for cute scarfs and casseroles.

\\ Image by Robin Capper

4. I forgot to get my ice skates sharpened over the spring break so now I have to start the new term with dull blades.

\\ Image from Google search

And there you have it! Haha I can't believe I've complained about these things in the last week :)

Do you have a champagne or first world problem you want to share?

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  1. Ha, I like the phrase 'champagne problems' - I haven't heard that before! Most of the things I complain about are first world problems. A couple that come to mind are that I can not keep up with my library request list sometimes. I can control when physical books become available as I can pause a request but I can't pause ebook requests so sometimes multiple ones become available and I can't get them read before they are due! Another first world problem is that my dryer takes so long to dry clothes!

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