October: Meals, Miles, Books and Looks

I've see a few of these monthly round ups and I'm really loving this format so I thought I would give it a go!


October gave us the start of the NHL hockey season and since we don't get any televised games here in NZ we decided that we would splash out on an NHL Game Centre Live subscription so we can watch games whenever we like but we can usually watch live games at midday on Saturday.  So for game day lunch I made us a small feast!

* Peri peri corn on the cob, * Breaded mushrooms,
* Hot chips with cheese and gravy,
* BBQ dip, * Ketchup
 It was a lot of food but very tasty!

On Halloween we went to pick up our race packs and decided to have dinner at a place called Miss Clawdy's.  I was so happy to finally get the bottle of bud I'd been craving and the popcorn they put on the table was amazing!  Cinnamon, cumin, sugar, coriander was a few of the flavours I remember the waitress telling us was on the popcorn.  We then had tacos, hushpuppies, ceviche and thick street cut hot chips - all highly recommended.


34.6km in total for October which isn't too bad considering I tore my calf muscle 1km into my 8km Ekiden relay leg.
This month saw the last race of the Unitec run series and our girls trip to Rotorua to take part in the Ekiden rely (which is a marathon split into 6 legs and ran as a relay).  We all had the best fun!


I didn't read anything in October!  I must rectify this in November.


Stuck in a slight fashion rut.  I did buy myself a few new t-shirts from Dotti and Esprit.

And I did get some awesome new bluetooth headphones just like Kane's and I customised them a by wrapping them in yarn to make sure we could tell ours apart.