Five on Friday

Yay Friday is here again :)

Here my top 5 this week:

One: Christmas! I'm really starting to feel more in the Christmas mood since I'm almost done with the Christmas shopping.  I'm going to wrap things this weekend and write out cards and listen to some Christmas music - I can't wait!

Two: I got to catch up on some Toronto Maple Leafs games and they've won the last few games yay! #GoLeafsGo! and also it looks like my cat is a hockey fan too :) He was pretty engrossed watching the players and puck zip across the screen - too cute!

Three: I got some books out from the library by Lindwood Barclay and have started reading one of them and I'm enjoying it.  It's called "Never Saw It Coming" and I'm only a few chapters in but hooked on the story.

Four: Last Friday night I got to pick up my new glasses which are purple and look awesome, and I got a free second pair so I chose a black frame.  I'm really happy with them.  I had to get some sort of dilation thing done to my eyes which made my pupils looks massive with only a thin ring of colour around them - I looked like the cats when they are playing with their toys.


Five: I got my weight taken on Tuesday and I'm making good steady progress towards my goal.  I'm making small easy changes that are yielding the results I want to see and because everything is so incremental I feel that they are ingrained and has just become my new way of life.  I've still got a long way to go but I'm already a quarter of the way there.