Birthday Weekend

I’ve had a lovely long weekend for my birthday and it’s been great!
I started Birthday weekend on Wednesday evening by wearing the birthday tiara and drinking some lovely strawberry Cruiser Wine Bubbles.
There was no long lie in for me on my birthday, I was up and ready to open pressies that had been sitting on the dining table for a several days tormenting me! I got some clothes from Zara (so I can show off here!), some Ortak earrings, a scarf, mascara, a moneygram, perfume, some chocolate bars and strangely a packet of Doritos chilli heat wave crisps. I then put up my cards and headed to get the bus to the ferry.
We grabbed some brekkie and ate it on the ferry over to Waiheke island. We then got a bus tour of the island and walked along the beach before we headed to the vineyards. There are over 20 vineyards on the island and there are olive groves as well. We headed to Stonyridge vineyard and ordered tasting glasses of all the red wines. Seven glasses of different wines were then put in front of us and we started working our way through them. We then ordered 2 glasses of the ones we liked the best and had those with a light lunch. The next winery we headed to was closed and the bus was heading along the road so we took that as a sign to head for home.
The next day we had a much needed long lie and then we headed into town. We had some lunch at the Mexican cafe and then we went to find the pub I had heard about that serves pints of Tetley's and John Smiths. After wandering up and down Wyndham Street we eventually found the doorway for the Spitting Feathers. We stayed there for a few before heading over to the Auckland SciFi meetup.
Saturday was relatively quiet and we chilled out with the cats (I have cats now) before heading out to Monsoon Poon for Hamish’s birthday. We had a lovely meal and chatted with some nice people who had been to a wedding in Crieff and had toured some of Scotland.
On Sunday I spent some quality time with my Sims and enjoyed my last day of freedom before work the next day.
A very enjoyable weekend!

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