Happy Hallowe’en


Happy Hallowe'en All! (I think there's only about 2 people that read this blog, but linking it to facebook means that my musings\rantings may reach a slightly wider audience so that justifies using the "All" J)

After being ill last week, this week has been fairly busy playing catch up with a small number of things at work and at home. And it feels like I've hardly been at home this week! I was at the spooky class on Monday, had a longer drum lesson on Tuesday, had some downtime and watched In Bruges on Wednesday and then had an early night, meal out and pub quiz on Thursday. There's a demonstration of mediumship tonight, tomorrow there's a Hallowe'en party and on Sunday is the monthly Blue Blazer pub quiz. If DH's costume hasn't arrived today then early tomorrow will be spent trying to create something else. And I have to get a new chest of drawers. Sunday night will definitely be spent snuggling up with DH and cats.

My work is an interesting place. They seem to consult staff on almost everything. When they were interviewing for a new CEO, all staff got little forms on which to write any comments about the candidates and a check box to indicate whether we thought they would be a good choice for the job or not. Lately, there has been a notice on the staff intranet for staff to put forward suggestions for a new door security code number. I think this may be staff consultation gone too far.

Having just had a quick look on the work intranet, it appears we have a policy on blogging and I must put the following disclaimer:

"these are my personal views and not necessarily those of my employer".

Although, I don't remember being consulted about this.

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  1. Kane says:

    "Although, I don't remember being consulted about this."

    Ha ha, excellent - made me laugh out loud!

    Keep up the good work ensign.

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