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Last week was our last pub quiz for a while because the new term of indoor soccer is about to start which means Kane's going to be busy and since we are a team of two, I don't think I'd do so well on my own!
Even though there are only two of us, we usually do quite well.  Last week we missed out on winning by 1 point.  I was gutted because we had two answers that we were undecided about and chose the wrong answer instead of the right one bah! so close..
Our local pub is a fairly large English style gastropub.  It changed hands a couple of years ago and went from English themed to Irish themed and had a bit of change in d├ęcor.  There's only two pubs in the suburb and this is the biggest and most popular one.  There's two fireplaces in the pub and since it's winter I try to get as close to them as possible!
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At the weekend the pub is pretty busy serving lunches and dinners and then they have live music at night.  They also show sports and go all out for the big games, but I'm not really a fan of anywhere when it's too noisy to hold a conversation.  I do like that it sponsors the local NZIHL ice hockey team though and we've been to the pub to watch some of the NHL games in the past.
This pub actually helped sell us on this neighbourhood!  After we viewed a nearby house we came into this pub and loved it and we decided that we wanted to live in this area.  We know many of the bar staff and have friendly chats with them when we visit, and we always go there for a dinner or a lunch when we have our parents visiting us.

Although we've come in for meals, drinks and we've played pool too, my favourite is the trivia night.  The rounds are always interesting and it's usually done before 10pm so it's not too much of a late night for a week night.  I have a habit of doodling on the trivia forms - I'm not a very good artist, the above picture is supposed to be a bear with a picnic basket haha!

Do you have a local or regular bar or coffee shop you like to go to?

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  1. Trivia night sounds like so much fun! My boyfriend is SO GOOD at trivia whereas I am not so great but I still enjoy it when we play. There are some restaurants around where I live that we tend to go to often but we don't have a place that we go to more than others. There are lots of cute coffee shops close to where I live so I want to make a point to visit them this fall/winter.

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