Pinterest Cooking: Spicy-Sweet Glazed Shrimp

Friday night saw us heading out in the dark for the rugby game at Eden Park (Blues v Reds).  To supplement the hot chips and beer or wine we normally get there I had a look at my Pinterest Game Day recipes and decided to have a go at making Martha Stewart's Spicy Sweet Glazed Shrimp.

It was very quick and easy to make.  I defrosted some prawns and threaded them onto two skewers - this is to make them easier to turn over without prawns spinning in all directions!

Next, I mixed up the glaze which is a really simple mix of Sriracha and honey.  I've never tried Sriracha before and when I tasted a little bit it was very very spicy to me, less so for Kane - I think his chilli growing has hardened him up to such things!  The recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of Sriracha to one third cup of honey, but I only put in one tablespoon of Sriracha and it was really pleasant.  I will make this mix again to use as a dipping sauce as well as a glaze.  

I cooked the prawns on the grill pan until they started to whiten up and then I flipped them over and cooked them on that side for a few minutes and brushed them with the glaze and flipped them over and cooked them for a few minutes and the glaze started to caramelise.  I brushed the tops with glaze and flipped them over again for a few minutes.

I then brushed on any glaze I had left over, they looked nicely opaque and cooked through so I served them up and they were so yum!  Will definitely make again.