Its Summer and Christmas!


This is going to be my third Christmas in New Zealand and I’m still not used to Christmas being in Summer.

It’s not just Christmas though, it’s other events like birthdays, hallowe’en, even summer holidays.  I have formed many habits and traditions over the years and without the seasonal cues to remind me I find I’m forgetting about things.

Back in the old country, daylight hours would be quite reduced by now signalling time to make mince pies and drink hot chocolate while writing out Christmas cards.  Christmas shopping would be punctuated with Starbucks in their Red Cups and I would be wearing some newly knitted gloves or crocheted hat and would finish in a nice sherry and maybe another mince pie. 

(Ironically I would also be suffering from seasonal adjustment disorder)

But here it is the beginning of Summer and I pick strawberries, go for evening walks and then have a nice glass of white wine out on the deck.  Writing out cards and putting up Christmas decorations are quite far from my mind.  Which reminds me, I need to look out the Christmas decorations.

The only thing for it is to start making some new traditions and letting go of the ones that don't fit anymore and make sure I keep my calendar updated and set birthday and event reminders a few weeks in advance!!

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