Couch to 5k

I'm flirting with running again after a very long hiatus. The plan this time is to use the couch to 5k plan. It's a 9 week plan that does what it says on the tin; it gets you from zero to 5k hero in 9 weeks.

Robert Ullrey has made some podcasts to go along with this plan. I've never got beyond week 2, but those first 2 podcasts are really good. They tell you when to run, when to walk and give advice and motivation. The podcasts can be found on iTunes or from

The program is designed to be run 3 days a week, but I personally prefer to run 6 days a week because it helps me to keep going. If I take a rest day after one run then I find it hard to do a second run. If I can keep this up for about 3 weeks then usually by that time it's become a habit. It's a real challenge getting to the 3 week mark, so that's my first goal.

Anyway, here is the graph of my first run:

This includes a 5 minute warm up at the start and then intervals of 60 second runs and 90 second recoveries.

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